Capital: Shillong
Area: 22.429 km²
Population: 2.702.000 (2008)
Altitude: Shillong: 1600 m
Language Khasi, Garo, English, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, Marathi, Asamiya, Maram, Rabha, Koch

Meghalaya is one of the country’s newest states with its capital at Shillong. Shillong the capital of Meghalaya is a very attractive hill station. Its sparkling lakes and dazzling waterfalls spring from lush green mountains and pine tree forest. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. When you explore its enchanting places, you will realize that your search for eternity and serenity has reached its terminus.
Shillong has a host of attractions- 18-hole golf course known as Glen Eagle of the East, Don Bosco Museum, a seven-floor Museum offers 14 aesthetically pleasing and informative galleries about North East, Cherrapunjee, a very scenic 120 km drive from Shillong famous as the wettest place on earth. For those who enjoy caving, Meghalaya is just the place, for it has about 788 caves, many of them unmapped and unexplored. Numerous waterfalls with mesmerizing surroundings worth visiting.
Meghalaya's main ethnic communities, each having its own distinctive customs and cultural traditions are the Khasis (of Mon-Khmer ancestry), the Garos (of Tibeto-Burman origin) and the Jaintias said to be from South East Asia. The common trait binding all three communities is its matrilineal system in which the family linage is taken from the mother's side. The people of Meghalaya are known to be hospitable, cheerful and friendly.Traditionally, the Khasis believe that their religion is God given and is based on the belief of one supreme God, the creator 'U Blei Nongthaw' A Khasi is a deeply religious person, who has an intense love of life. He believes that life is God's greatest gift and he has to account for it again in the hereafter.